Event Photos

3AF Asian Market Immersion Tour, May 12, 2015 in Los Angeles

The 3AF organized its first-ever immersion tour so marketers could get an up close and personal look at Los Angeles’ Koreatown and San Gabriel Valley, where more than 60 percent of the residents are Asian.  The 3AF’s Asian market experts put together a fun and educational tour, complete with dim sum, Korean shaved ice, community speakers and more.

The 3AF charted a bus for the all-day immersion tour of San Gabriel Valley and Koreatown.

Attendees had fun on the tour and even had time to take a selfie.

3AF President Edward Chang welcomed the attendees to the tour lunch, featuring dim sum and other Chinese delicacies.

Mayor Hans Liang of Monterey Park was the keynote speaker at the lunch at NBC Seafood Restaurant.

Board member Joe Min from interTrend Communications gave attendees some background on Focus Plaza, one of the tour stops.

Attendees enjoyed a guided tour of a Ranch 99 supermarket in San Gabriel Valley.

Board member Jay Kim from AAAZA gave attendees a brief history lesson on Koreatown.

Attendees got to sample Korean shaved ice from Sul n Bean.


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